by Al Conard on Harbor City Capital

Jp, Hey wanted to say how happy I am about all the time you spent with me going over the plan for my first investment with you. You made me so comfortable that I went forward, Thank Goodness! 12% on a safe investment is incredible. I just keep smiling!

by Jagen Sharma on Harbor City Capital

Hello JP
It is pleasure to receive your email.
Just started a month ago but really think that it is a great investment in terms of percentage returns.
I shall write more after I start getting the returns for my second investment of 200K also. Definately I agree that it is the best return ever i know so far.

by Barry Sandman on Harbor City Capital

This investment is easy, there’s nothing to do. JP’s team does all the work. It pays a high yield & is direct deposit monthly into your account.
JP is always easily accessible if you have any questions. I would highly recommend it as an addition to anyone’s investment portfolio.

by Peter Smith (retired airlines pilot) on Harbor City Capital

1. I needed to supercharge my investment returns to meet my expectations in retirement. Harbor City was the logical choice.

3. 18% annual rate of return - WOW! Every month like clockwork I receive a direct deposit into my personal bank account. It doesn’t get any better than this!

Hope this is beneficial JP.

Peter Smith

by David Menna on Harbor City Capital

“I did my due diligence online...all the boxes were checked and I had enough experience and confidence to go into the investment. “

"there are many different business models out there and Harbor city makes sense. You're leveraging technology for the returns in my eyes.”

“not all investments work...I hope there's a fourth, fifth, sixth bond, maybe some other investment”

“...if there's something that I have to fix on my rental property or there's a good dividend stock that's at a dip because of, let's say the China trade Wars, maybe a semiconductor stock overseas dipped or, or qualcomm went down because of that, then I have this liquid cash from this investment and I can buy it opportune times.”

“if you're on the fence, I would say, look at the legal documents...as an investor, they're your ally...and there's a lot to learn from them.”

“...fees and costs to investments on the closed end funds, some will have two or 3% fees...your rental property, it might have a 22% return, but a couple things have to go well for that to work, it has to be tenanted every month. There has to be no repairs….no legal costs, no accidents, weather related costs….if you have two or three repairs throughout a year, that 22% yield might go down to 15 or 16%...there's a lot of variables that go into that true yield. So this bond, this 18% is a true yield. There's no management 2% management fee that now brings it down to a 16% there's no tenants or repairs for the bond that bring the 18% down to 12% one year and the next year you get 15%. So it is a true 18% yield and it is truly passive. And I am a passive investor.”

“...Other investments pay quarterly or sometimes they pay at the end of the term of the investment. So there could be 15% over two years….you might get a preferred payment when you invest, but then you don't see the other 11 or 12% after two years. So now you're waiting for 23 months...I don't like to do that. I like compounding, so the monthly payment is great.”

“...do your due diligence on the Harbor city bonds...you have to know about the technology and the industry that Harbor city is in...if it costs $5 to make something, but then you can sell it for $30 and you're receiving funding, there's a big spread there that you can hand off to the investors...and when you invest in mutual funds, there might be something called a spread...two or three points. So that goes to the management committee here. I like to think about it, the spread of cost and what you make goes to the investor. Um, so that would be my one thing of how in practicality, how you're able to return 18% in this industry. It's a great arbitrage situation.”

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