What is Harbor City Capital Corp.?

Harbor City Capital Corp. is an alternative investment firm specializing in lead data arbitrage within the $200B Internet advertising sector. Since inception in 2013, the firm has generated double-digit annual returns for investors. Harbor City Capital’s mission is to help our clients make more money, build wealth, and live better lives by providing superior investment and business growth solutions.

Who is the founder of Harbor City Capital?

JP Maroney is the founder and CEO of Harbor City Capital. He is an American entrepreneur and investor with more than 25-years experience starting, building, buying, and selling companies in publishing, media, advertising, software, ecommerce, training, real estate, and consulting.

Why should I invest?

If you’re looking for a safe harbor to grow your wealth you’re in the right place. Since 2013 Harbor City Capital has generated consistent double-digit annual returns for investors. We’ve also got some exciting new investment opportunities on the horizon all that we’re putting into our favorite asset class – digital assets.

What is Harbor City Capital’s data-driven approach?

Harbor City Capital specializes in the implementation of time-tested, proven arbitrage strategies to generate reliable yield from the high-growth +$200B Internet advertising sector. Serving as a destination for alternative yield, Harbor City takes a data-driven, bottoms-up approach to mining and monetizing Internet traffic by identifying select industry verticals and applying a proprietary, systematic model of execution to drive a diversified set of income streams.

What is DMA?

DMA is an acronym for Digital Marketing Arbitrage. Under DMA, the investor spends “X” on digital advertising, gets paid “Y” for the lead, and collects “Z” as the profit or ROI. The ROI on any given campaign can range from 20% to 100% or more. Internal rates of return and cash on cash production from the investment strategy can be substantial, since Harbor City is paid within 15 to 60 days.

Is my investment secure?

Through Harbor City’s secured bonds, an investor’s purchase will be 100% secured by a cash asset-backed bank instrument so you have peace of mind knowing you can not lose your money.

What is the average monthly ROI?

Harbor City Capital campaigns consistently generate 20%-45% ROI in 90-days or less. Further, Harbor City Capital provides the funding to cover the 30-90 day gap between when the campaigns generate the leads and when they get paid for the leads.

How do I start as an investor with Harbor City Capital?

Please contact us to make sure this is the right investment opportunity for you. We can answer all of your questions. Make sure to download the private placement memorandum (PPM) to fill out the subscription agreement and follow the instructions on the document to make sure everything goes smoothly.

Are there any risks involved?

Please request and read the private placement memorandum for all risks associated with your investment.

What are satisfied clients saying about Harbor City Capital?

Here is just one example of what our investors are saying. You can read more Harbor City Capital reviews here https://harborcitycapital.com/reviews/